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I think the part about The Passion of The Christ by Mel Gibson that I love the most is the way it shows the pain and agony that Mary went through seeing her child that she raised loved and cared for being put through that kind of torture and knowing that no matter what there was nothing she could do about it. Knowing that interfering would be interfering with Gods plan and fighting the urge to run out and stop them. The kind of strength for any person to resist fighting back, let alone a mother, for someone they care about is beyond my imagination. Bringing to light how her heart must have broken is something we rarely think about, the human nature of so many people in the Bible and how they too fought with their human nature. I sit here watching this on Good Friday and cannot begin to imagine what kind of hell she must have been going through and powerless to stop it. And the strength it took to remind herself that despite all that she was having to endure watching it that there was a promise from God of who she had given birth to. My mind cannot fathom what she must have thought. Enduring that for others letting Gods plan move forward for the entire world then and now that we may have hope in Him. 

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